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Bill Benter the billion dollar man

Arguably the most successful gambler of all time. A pioneer in the sports betting world as one of the first to build a statistical model and software application to predict the outcome of betting events. Learn how he turned every $1  into $666,566.57 over his career.​

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the computer group millions per season

The most popular sports betting group of all time is most certainly the Computer Group. Back in the 1980s, the original data driven gambling team was born. Using software, data, and statistics the Computer Group is to be believed the proud earners of over millions of dollars each season.

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Just Me Placing real bets

I do not like to share too much of what I do outside of the master class and graduates of the Bets 2 Make Course and Training Program, but I figured it would be good to show a simple example of it PAYS to follow your research and execute when EDGE presents itself...

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