Sports Betting Course

Can we use science, computers, probabilities, statistics, and our own insights to find amazing opportunities?

Part One

Start from the very beginning.
-Types of sports betting
-What are betting odds?
-Crash course in statistics
-Crash course in probabilities

Part Two

Money Management
-Quantifying risk -Bet sizing methods and formulas
-Strategy Performance Metrics
-Case Study of Examples

Part Three

Think Like A Pro
-Monte Carlo Simulations
-Understanding Portfolios
-Real Examples
-Playing with the houses money

Course Syllabus 7.5 Hours of Content

Chapter 1: Betting Basics

Chapter 2: Converting Odds

Chapter 3: Bookmakers

Chapter 4: Expected Value

Chapter 5: Choosing Odds and Derivatives

Chapter 6: Math and Probabilities

Chapter 7: Psychology

Chapter 8: Risk and Money Management

Chapter 9: Intro to Betting Systems

Chapter 10: Masters in Betting Systems

Chapter 11: Arbitrage

Chapter 12: Software and Using it to Win

Sample slides from chapter 6

Understand the basics

Part one builds a foundation to change the way the student thinks about risk and probabilities. It is time to assume calculated risks.

Correctly view risk and reward

Part two teaches the many ways to capitalize on potential inefficiencies or betting edges. What is the right amount to bet?

Put it into action

Understand how the pros view risk across any outcome. Simulate future possibilities to make sure your worst-case is not realized.

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"7.5 hours of sports betting education? My first thought was seriously? Now I'm glad to have watched it a few times over. Opened my eyes to a whole new world."
"You can tell the course was built by those that have had their feet to the fire and learned through trial and tribulation. If anything learning their mistakes they made is worth the cost of the course."
John M
"Man, I didn't know s***! I'm glad I took this seriously before putting any money on these games. Salute to your efforts, bro."

The Instructors

Hey, my name is David Bergstrom. I started my career at a high frequency trading firm trading US bonds and the stock market. This opportunity exposed me to how professionals actually take RISK.

It changed everything from my own trading to my own sports betting. Everything suddenly clicked and I had a framework to apply my existing knowledge.

This is exactly my goal with the course. Give you the framework that I needed to take my risk taking to the next level. Most bettors flirt with consistency but very few capture it – this course is aimed at turning your betting operation into a business.

I go over the insider secrets on how to think about risk, how to maximize potential rewards, how to find useful criteria to use in making betting decisions, proper risk and money management using simple math, and more. 

The ball is in your court. 


Calculated Risk Taking Course

An introduction to sports betting all the way to advanced concepts such as risk management, optimal sizing techniques, choosing best bets, strategy development, and more.

*Purchase includes lifetime access and all NEW modules/chapters added*