Bets 2 make

The most advanced betting software is now available! Test thousands of betting ideas on historical game data to build quantified edges. It is time to bet like a business.

1. Build Betting Strategies

All point and click!

Select your league, dates, and signals you think are important.

– Or –

Select all the signals and let the software find the best ones

2. Analyze and Save

The proprietary search algorithm will test hundreds of thousands of possible betting scenarios to find the best bets available. 


View tests and seasonal breakdowns to find the best betting strategies to save to your portfolio.

3. Email and Text Alerts

Saved strategies will issue you an alert when a game matches conditions of one of your strategies. 


You will then receive an alert via email and text (if desired) when line moves, conditions are met, and suggested bet size

From the main dashboard you can select the league, betting style, number of rules per betting strategy, bet sizing method, and of course choose from the list of 1000s of signals. Signals cover everything from betting odds, home vs away, win streaks, season stats, last game's stats, etc. If B2M is missing something you want to research then tell us and we'll add it!

Analyze how your bankroll grew over time, how strategy performs by month of the year, and even advanced monte carlo simulations to get a better understanding of the risk that is possible.

Found a great strategy but want to know exactly how much money you need to use it?

That is the whole purpose of this monte carlo drawdown test. The red X signified 95% confidence (right y-axis) that our drawdown on our bankroll will be about 20% or less.

In other words, if we have $5000 bankroll, we are 95% confident that using this strategy will not result in losses of $1000 or more. Bet like a business. No more guessing and hoping you're sized appropriately.

Build betting strategies for any account size. Configure your account size, choose a sizing method and risk amount before running any simulations. This allows you to use the software for YOUR bankroll size.

Choose between fixed dollar amount per bet, fixed percentage per bet, or Kelly formula to apply to any strategy you create.

Tonight mode allows you to choose any game and the Bets2Make software will auto-populate all the rules that apply for that game. This allows you to see if there are any good bets to make for this specific game. Tonight mode works on any sport with games scheduled.

Real-time alerts. You can either manually hit the Update Alerts button to check if any of your saved strategies have games to bet on today OR you can save your strategies to the portfolio and automatically receive email and text alerts every time a strategy has a bet that meets its criteria. This example shows that I have 3 bets for the date Sep 26, 2018. You can set up automatic alerts in the lower right 'Modify Alerts Email'.

Rest of the Features

Large Database

Constantly adding new leagues and more games to increase the amount of data the user has to research

Feature Selection

Constantly adding new features and factors that we believe are important to outcomes. Suggestions encouraged!

Visual Displays

Analyze betting strategies both numerically and visually. Does it look like a smooth performer?

Monte Carlo Simulations

Popular Wall Street method for assessing risk is now readily available to analyze sports betting strategies


A portfolio often smooths out the "bumpiness" of a return stream. Strategies go in and out of ruts, but other strategies can bail out the weak ones. Treat your betting like a business.


World class support staff that has worked on big financial services products and commercial software and understands the users needs.

Need to learn more before you get started?

Watch How to Build and Set Up Alerts for Any League




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