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"This software is so darn addicting I find myself avoiding my responsibilities just to tinker with betting ideas. This is meant to be a positive review but I am spending countless hours just playing, testing, building. I cannot wait to execute some of these and am definitely looking forward to next season"
- 2:48 AM - Jan 5, 2019
"Wow! Really pleased with being a part of the beta testing group. I have actually tested and been a software developer for many years now and cannot believe no one has ever created something like this. This is incredibly powerful tool and everything I have always wanted as someone who desired to quantify everything. Finally a tool for the jocks to compete with the nerds - or better yet the nerds to get even nerdier."
- 3:41 AM - Jan 5, 2019
"Highly recommend taking this course and signing up to use this software. Everything is easy to use and there is no real learning curve. I think i was finding edges I would bet on within the first few minutes and actually dove into the software before I started the course. The course really tied things together and think you are giving away a lot of unique information. Really happy and excited!"
- 3:32 AM - Jan 5, 2019
"I am glad I found your site before I started making large bets. I had no idea how much I didn't know and want to say thank you for putting all this valuable information in one place. Excited to contribute to the master course and continue to use this software as you develop it. Thank you for letting me be a part of your test group!"
- 6:48 PM - Jan 9, 2019
"I have known Dave for many years now and actually found his trading software Build Alpha. When he said he was going to launch sports betting software I was eager to be involved because I knew how good his other work was. He surely did not disappoint and has created something truly beautiful, helpful and powerful. You continue to amaze and make my job easier."
- 6:55 PM - Jan 9, 2019
"I have completely turned around my progress and results after finding this website. I felt like a kid in the candy store throughout the entire course and now the software just continues to amaze. Excellent stuff and highly recommended for anyone who considers themselves to be a serious risk taker!"
- 7:03 PM - Jan 9, 2019
"Just wrapped up beta testing and this software is going to rock! It is very fast and easy to use. My only hope is it does not get bought out! I hope I can still use it if so. The guys in the test group with me were absolutely awesome and am excited to be inside the chat with these guys during the playoffs. Everyone has their own unique insight but all the BS is verified with the software which really brings different light to sports debates."
- 9:48 AM - Feb 5, 2019
"Best. Sports. Idea. Ever. Finally a tool for us to do our own money ball analysis and make informed decisions. I know a few TV anchors that could use the data this software provides. The ability to determine exactly what the odds should be and then price them against what is being offered is the truest form of edge identification possible for guys like us - outstanding product."
- 7:58 PM - Feb 5, 2018
"Wish I could write more than the word limit you gave us! Finished the beta group and am thoroughly impressed. The course is informative and professional. Extreme value add from watching that and doing the assignments. The software is powerful, fast and addicting. I already have 25 edges saved in my portfolio with alerts set. I feel like it is too easy now just sitting back waiting for them to trigger."
- 11:06 AM - Feb 5, 2019
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