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Our training course is designed to take you from a zero to a hero in the sports betting arena in no time at all! You won’t find a better betting education anywhere.

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With the right training and education the sky is the limit

8+ Hours of Content

The course, reviews, summary videos and more will account for almost 10 hours of content you will have on-demand access to

homework and quizzes

Don't just listen and watch. Interact with optional homework and quizzes to make sure you are accumulating the knowledge.

Basics to advanced

No matter your experience there is something for you. Start slow and build your understanding to your desired level

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Gain access to a chat specifically designed for course attendees and graduates. This is not the main B2M chat, but rather a resource for students of the course

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8 plus hours of intense training

Learn from expert risk takers today. The course along with our proprietary software will give you a true edge so you can begin your path to financial freedom.

  • Beginning
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Start with the fundamentals as Lombardi always said. Learn different betting styles, odds, conversions, bookmakers and how to master the psychology of professional risk-taking.


  • Spread, Moneyline, Totals, Teasers, Parlays, Props, Futures
  • Bookmakers, Bookies, Books, Sharps, Public
  • Calculate odds as a bookmaker does
  • Understanding juice or the 'vig'
  • Psychology of Sports Betting and Common Biases
  • American, Fractional, Decimal, etc. Conversions
  • Defining and Quantifying Edge
  • Implied Odds, Likelihood, Odds of winning
  • Payoff calculators and countless examples

Move on to converting odds, determining best price/line of a game, and develop a deep understanding of the simple math and statistics required to win in professional risk taking.


  • Understand how to convert odds and create your own line
  • Derivatives pricing and selecting the best line
  • Deep understanding of expected value
  • Expected Value plus variance
  • Introduction to additive mathematics
  • -3.5 (-110) or -3.0 (-125) which is better?
  • Introduction to normalized win rate
  • Calculate probability of winning and losing streaks
  • Law of Large Numbers

Graduate to advanced statistical tests to understand proper expectations, bet sizing and risk. Build individual betting models and ultimately construct an optimal portfolio.


  • What is a betting system?
  • Advanced Performance Metrics: Profit Factor, Sharpe and more
  • Position sizing and money management formulas
  • Position sizing methods analysis and comparison
  • Drawdown analysis via Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Setting Proper Expectations and Confidence Intervals via Monte Carlo
  • Calculate the probability of Risk of Ruin
  • Constructing full portfolios and comparison
  • Multiple examples of portfolio constructions plus free strategies

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meet the founder
dave Bergstrom

DB is a Wall Street trader and market maker. A job with a high frequency trading firm opened his eyes to the world of data, quantitative analysis, empirical edge, calculated risk-taking and ultimately profitability. Sensing a new market ripe with edges and opportunities, DB and the Bets 2 Make team set out to apply their skill set to the world of sports and have been met with unbelievable success. By joining the Bets 2 Make community, you are joining a team of elite, professional risk takers ready to show you how to secure your future by applying yourself to the world you know and love. 

frequently asked questions

Yes, including any new chapters or updates while still enrolled.

The course is taught by Bets 2 Make founder, David Bergstrom. He has nearly a decade of professional risk taking expericen having worked for Wall Street Market Making firm

Anyone trying to improve their sports betting returns. Skip from module to module and pick up where you feel comfortable. Start with the basics or jump into the advanced chapters.

After purchase you will be directed to the members portal where you can watch all the lessons, reviews, chapters and do the homeowrk

Nope, it is optional. It is there for you to learn. If you want to skip it then by all means go for it. 

Unfortunately not. Full access is granted upon purchase and the material/knowledge is irrevocable. 

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