What is a Betting System or Strategy?

What is a Betting System or Strategy?

A betting strategy is the idea that bets should ONLY be placed when a set of conditions or rules are present and true which have historically shown to be better than random at predicting the outcome of the game.

For example, a simple strategy might be to only bet on the over if the home team is favored by 7.5 points or more and the underdog’s season points per game is greater than 24.00.

This strategy has two simple rules.

  1. home team must be favored by 7.5 or more
  2. Opponent must average or score more than 24 points per game this year.

We can then view these historical results and see that xx% of the time this game has been favorable to bet the over. This type of actual edge is what professional bettors rely on. This information is abundent for book makers. It is about time individual bettors start to realize the importance of having quantified research and actual edges before taking calculated risks. For more examples, please check out the FREE crash course or gamble on yourself and invest in the full Basics to Risk Taking Course (which comes with a few free betting strategies)!


Finally, the Bets 2 Make software will literally allow you to conduct research on hundreds of rules on multiple leagues and dates in mere seconds. You can build thousands of betting strategies and even combine them into a portfolio of betting strategies!

If you have not already watch the demo videos please give them a look.

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